ACLU of Missouri files lawsuit alleging Pettis County denied medication to inmate

The ACLU of Missouri files a federal lawsuit against Pettis County, alleging that it denied medication to an inmate who was diagnosed with HIV.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri earlier this month.  In addition to Pettis County, the lawsuit names Pettis County Sheriff Brad Anders and Advanced Correctional Healthcare, which provides healthcare for all inmates at the county jail.

The ACLU says the plaintiff was diagnosed while in custody, and, for months, the doctor with ACH ignored his pleases to receive antiretroviral therapy medication, despite worsening symptoms of acute infection.  The plaintiff was able to receive the medication after receiving outside funding, but the lawsuit alleges the jail staff failed to administer it properly or consistently.  The suit says the plaintiff missed ten days of ART medication and since incarcerated, has not received prescribed medications for mental health conditions.

The ACLU is seeking a preliminary injunction to ensure their client continues to receive medication.