Arrest warrant issued for JC woman accused of using car as a weapon

Amy Connor

An arrest warrant is issued for a Jefferson City woman who attempted to run a man over with her car.  

Amy Connor, 45, of Jefferson City, was charged last Fall with domestic assault, property damage, and driving while intoxicated for the incident on Ventura Avenue.  She'd been scheduled for a court hearing yesterday, but failed to show.  In response, the judge issued an arrest warrant and bond forfeiture.  

It was September 14th when Jefferson City police were called to an apartment building after Connor crashed into the side of the complex and ended up with her car lodged in one of the unit's living rooms.  

Police later pieced together that Connor had allegedly been attempting to run a man down with her car, when she lost control and crashed into the building.  The victim told police he and Connor had been arguing just prior to the incident.