Callaway Co man charged with murder after drinking spree

Michael Hatfield

A Callaway County man claims he fatally shot a man yesterday in self defense, but court records indicate otherwise.

Michael Hatfield, 47, Portland, was charged last night with the murder of James Newsom, 49.  Hatfield's been charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action.

According to court documents, Hatfield called 911 yesterday morning to report Newsom was dead from a gunshot wound.  

Hatfield claimed the pair had been drinking heavily together the night before, when Newsom became belligerent and attacked him, reaching for his gun.  That's when Hatfield claims he pulled his own gun and shot Newsom, then passed out on the floor.  He called deputies six hours later when he woke up.

However, deputies say Hatfield claims he shot Newsom once, although Newsom had six gunshot wounds, including three to the abdomen.  

Officials say there also evidence at the scene that indicated Hatfield had tried to reload.