Columbia city employee says his constitutional rights were violated

John Glascock

A Columbia city employee is accusing City Manager of John Glascock of violating his constitutional rights. 

Kyle Rieman is the budget officer for the City.  He has hired a law firm, which sent a letter to Glascock.  The letter states that Rieman was put on indefinite leave for insubordination.

The firm says the reason for the leave wasn’t included in the memo, but Rieman was told it was because he attended a City Council meeting in support of a co-worker.  The co-worker spoke about staffing and morale at City government.  Rieman did not speak at the meeting.

The law firm says as a private citizen, Rieman has the right to be at meetings and speak up without fear of retaliation.  The letter asks that Rieman be reinstated and that neither he nor any other city employees face retaliation.