Columbia police consider feasibility of searching landfill for murder victim

Megan Shultz & Keith Comfort

Columbia Police are working to verify a man's claim that he killed his wife 13 years ago, then dumped her body in the trash.

Keith Comfort, 37, who now resides in Wisconsin, came forward there last Sunday to say he strangled 24-year-old Megan Shultz to death in 2006, then placed her body in their apartment dumpster.  

He'd reported her as a missing person when she originally disappeared.  

He's currently awaiting extradition to Missouri.

Columbia Police say since it's difficult to prosecute someone of murder with no body, they're looking for any evidence that can help the case against Comfort who was charged with second-degree murder Monday.

Columbia Police are currently talking with landfill officials to determine whether it's possible to narrow down a location where Shultz' body might be located for a possible search.  

The landfill, located just northeast of Columbia, covers more than 100 acres.