Couple arrested in Fulton police chase and injury

Two people are under arrest for fleeing from Fulton police yesterday afternoon…and running into a police officer with their car.

Fulton police stopped the pair about 5:20 last night near the intersection of Highway 54 and Route F. Two Fulton officers got out of their vehicles and approached the car…that’s when the driver put the car back in gear and sped away from the scene clipping the Futon officer on the way. Both officers fired their weapons at the vehicle, which turned out to be stolen from the state of Nebraska. After a chase around the county, the man and woman left the car at the intersection of Routes F and KK. Fulton police along with the Callaway County sheriff’s department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol found the couple in the 39-hundred block of Route F after an overnight search.

The sheriff’s department has not released the names of the suspects, or details on their charges. The Fulton officer struck by the car is hospitalized but not seriously injured.