COVID-19 begins to spread through the Missouri legislature

Lawmakers are sworn into office January 6, 2021 in the Missouri Senate.

Photo courtesy of St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Laurie Skrivan

It’s only week two of the state’s spring legislative session and already some lawmakers are out with COVID-19. 

Senate Minority Leader John Rizzo told the St. Louis Dispatch that with as many as 500 people in a 100-year-old building with windows that don’t open, it was just a matter of time.  He said that without screenings and testing, the virus will continue to spread.

On Tuesday, the Republican-led House rejected a proposal to require all members to wear masks on the floor.  The Dispatch reports the majority of Republicans have opted to not wear masks while they’re in the chamber for business. 

A number of states have opted to either cancel their sessions or conduct their sessions virtually.  Although the Missouri legislature worked a limited schedule because of the pandemic last year, there’s been no significant schedule change adopted this session.