Crumbling Jefferson City building undergoes demolition

As we told you earlier this week…the crumbling building at the corner of High and Madison in downtown Jefferson City is finally being demolished. The building that housed a couple of law firms and dated to the 1880’s began collapsing in June of 2018 when its wall along Madison Street started bowing out. Since then, on again – off again negotiations between the owners of the 200 East High building, the next door building owners at 202 East High and the city have dragged on…with several city-imposed deadlines having come and gone. The building should be largely gone by next Friday, and City Operations manager Britt Smith says the city will move quickly to sell the property.

Smith says the city has no interest in holding on to the property. They would like to get it into the hands of a developer as soon as possible to create something pleasing for downtown, and the rest of Jefferson City.

The city is paying the demolition contractor 186-thousand dollars to bring the structure down. The owners of the building at 202 East High think they can save their structure, even though it shared a common wall with the collapsing building.