Daniel Boone Regional Library program promotes literacy & family bonding

Daniel Boone Regional Library is kicking off a new, free program to help encourage a lifelong love of reading.

The program, “1,000 Books Before Kindergarten”, is designed for kids from birth to five years.  Youth Services Librarian Kristy Toplikar says kids can either read books from home or visit the library to check out books for the program. 

“When kids first sign up or the parent signs the kids up, they get this cute little backpack to start their reading adventure and for every 100 books that the kids read or the parents read to the kids, they get a congratulatory sticker, a free book, and then they get their next reading log.”

The logs are used to keep track of how many books are read.

Kids also earn bigger prizes for reaching special milestones.  Once they complete the program they earn a kindergarten starter pack including supplies to get them ready for school. 

Toplikar says the program encourages children to read or be read 1,000 books by the time they start school.  She says the program has multiple purposes, including family bonding time and teaching literacy skills that help prepare kids for school.  And if your child is attached to a favorite book, that’s okay too. 

“You could read the same book 1,000 times and you could still complete this program.  You can reread the same one as much as you want.  Actually, reading the same book over and over again is a really great way for kids to learn to read.  It helps them pick up on words, some spelling, and understand the context of what’s going on in the story.” 

Toplikar suggests bringing your child to the library so they can pick out their own books and maybe expand their list of favorites. 

To get your child signed up, you can either do so online at dbrl.org or stop by a Daniel Boone Regional Library branch or Bookmobile.  However you’ll need to pick up your backpack in person.   

Toplikar says the program kicked off September 7 and within two days they already had 250 kids signed up.