Early COVID-19 testing underway at Mizzou as new semester approaches

Early COVID-19 testing is underway for students returning to campus at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  All students planning to live on campus will have to be tested for the virus.  They can either test at home, get tested on campus or submit proof of a positive COVID-19 test dated between October 15 and January 9.  Over 6300 students live on campus and of those, nearly 800 people so far have registered for early testing.  Faculty Council Chair John Middleton says that means numbers will go up, just because of the sheer number of tests being administered.  

Testing is taking place on campus this week, until January 15.  Students can call 573-884-0948 to make an appointment.

Starting January 17, though the 21, tests will be administered at the Hearnes Center.  Students can register online using their school account.

Anyone who tests positive will be contacted by University staff and placed in quarantine.