Elledge will face all 3 charges later this month

Joseph Elledge

The Joseph Elledge case becomes even more complicated.

Elledge’s attorney John O’Connor had asked the court to dismiss one of the three charges against his client.  He argued one of the child endangerment charges was based on the allegation that Elledge had endangered his daughter by separating her from her mother.  Elledge’s wife, Mengqi, has been missing since October 8th, the date of that charge. 

But the judge dismissed O’Connor’s motion Thursday, meaning the case should proceed to trial later this month, unless new motions are filed. 

It was earlier this week when the judge approved O’Connor’s motion for a change of venue.  The judge ruled in favor of importing a jury from another county to hear the case in Boone County Court. 

KMIZ reports O’Connor has requested a jury pool from Pettis County.  The judge has yet to issue a ruling on that matter.