Execution halted for woman on death tied to a gruesome Missouri murder

A stay of execution has been granted for  a woman with ties to a gruesome Missouri murder that shocked the nation.  Lisa Montgomery was scheduled to be executed Tuesday for the murder of a pregnant woman, Bobbie Jo Stinnett.  It was in 2004 that Montgomery went to Stinnett’s home in Skidmore and cut the baby from Stinnett’s womb, later trying to pass the child off as her own.

Montgomery’s lawyers argued that their client suffers from hallucinations due to her abusive childhood and is not mentally fit to be executed.  A federal judge halted the execution, saying the court must first hold a hearing to determine if Montgomery is mentally competent. 

Montgomery would have been the first woman in 67 years to be executed by the U.S. government.  A vigil for Montgomery had been planned in Jefferson City Tuesday afternoon.