Fight at Fulton HS sends one to hospital with injuries

Fulton High School

Five students from Fulton High School are taken into police custody following a fight this morning in the school's commons area.  

Superintendent Jacque Cowherd says the incident happened around 7:30am, leaving four staff members with injuries.

"One of the individuals was transported by private vehicle by our nurse to the University Medical Center's emergency room.  The other three have stayed at school and have received assistance from a nurse in the building.  We're making medical help available to them if they choose to do that."

Cowherd says while the school is still gathering information, he can assure parents that those kids not involved in the fight were never in any danger.  He credits area law enforcement with reacting quickly.

"We're extremely pleased with the Fulton Police Department and the Callaway County Sheriff, in fact even the School Resource Officer from North Callaway was one of the first people on the scene.  So we're extremely pleased with the response we had and the support that we're getting from the community."

The incident prompted school officials to place the school in an internal lock in for a period of time.