Governor hosts annual fall festival, 10 days after testing positive for COVID-19

First Lady Teresa Parson announced via Twitter on Friday that "WE WILL BE PROCEEDING WITH THIS EVENT".  

Missouri First Lady Teresa Parson says the show will go on.

The governor’s wife announced on Friday that the Third Annual Parson Family Fall Festival will take place Saturday, October 3 outside the Governor’s Mansion.

Both Parson and her husband have been in isolation since last Wednesday after they both tested positive for COVID-19.  The first lady’s isolation period ends on Monday, September 28, but the governor’s isolation period lasts through October 3, the day of the festival.  The 10-day isolation period is figured based upon symptom onset.

Although masks will be made available to all who attend the festival, they’re not required.  Neither is social distancing, although the first lady says they’re both encouraged.  The free festival runs from 10 to noon.

As of Friday, the first lady continued to have mild symptoms while the governor announced he was still asymptomatic.