Governor Parson makes gun violence announcement in St. Louis

Governor Mike Parson

Governor Mike Parson is scheduled to make an announcement later today about how the state plans to help St. Louis battle gun violence, in particular, against children.  

The governor traveled to St. Louis earlier today for a series of meetings with city and community leaders along with clergy members.  This is his third such visit to the city to discuss the issue this month.

In a previous meeting, the Legislative Black Caucus asked the Governor to include the issue in the Special Legislative Session which he denied.

Clergy members from the region then asked him to consider changing state law so that cities can create their own, more restrictive gun laws.  He left that meeting vowing to put more state troopers on the road to free up city police.

The Governor's office has given no clues as to Parson's expected announcement but say it will address several of the state's immediate action items to help fight crime in the St. Louis region.