Higher gas prices for Fulton residents and budget cuts loom after severe winter weather

Residents in Fulton could see higher gas prices and the city may have to make some cuts after last week’s severe winter weather.  Frozen wellheads out west sent natural gas prices soaring, and the City Council depleted much of its gas reserve fund – about $3 million – to cover the cost.  Mayor Lowe Cannell was not happy with cost.

“The crisis immediately is over but we’re going to feel this, of course, for years to come.  The $3 million that we spent over the weekend was money that you could have just put in a burn barrel out in front of City Hall and lit it on fire.  That’s the way it made me feel, it just made me sick.” 

There’s only about $1.8 million left in the fund now and the City has been asked to try to recoup those funds in three years.

Cannell suggested that customers may need to pay slightly more for natural gas.  The City Administrator also said budget cuts will be needed, though no decision has been made on either option.  The City Council meets again on March 9.