Hard to believe, but the kids are on their way back to school. Several of the Catholic Schools in Jefferson City started classes today, as well as several area public school districts. Helias Catholic High School and Blair Oaks school district in southern Cole County will be among many that start classes tomorrow.

The Missouri Highway Patrol is putting out the word to keep an eye out for new drivers, kids walking to school, and of course school buses. A couple things to remember when coming upon a schools bus with its lights flashing and Stop bar out. On a two lane road, if you are behind a school bus, or approaching from the opposite direction, on a two lane street or road, you must stop. If you are on a four lane or more road, you must stop only if you are following the school bus.

The Highway Patrol reminds you that any time you are near a school bus, beware that children may dart suddenly from in front or the side of the bus. And be prepared to make sudden stops when following a bus. In 2018, five people were killed and 457 people were injured in 969 traffic crashes involving school buses. Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about riding a bus, walking, or driving to school in a safe manner.

And please remind your young drivers to put the phone down and buckle up.