JC mall brawl now linked to two arson cases the next morning

Jefferson City Police have now tied two arson fires to a large fight at the Capital Mall. 

Police were called to the mall parking lot Friday night around 10 p.m. to investigate reports of a sizable disturbance with gunshots. 

By the time police arrived, most of the crowd had left. 

Police have since learned several juveniles had been looking for a specific juvenile male to fight.  When the victim’s juvenile sister stepped in to stop the fighting, a crowd of females jumped her.  The incident was recorded and posted to social media.

When the victim’s mother, Iasha Cannady, learned of the assault, she went to two homes she believed were linked to those involved, and threw Molotov cocktails into their homes.  Cannady is facing two counts of first-degree arson. 

Four people have been taken into custody for their involvement with the mall incident, including two 16-year-old juveniles and two adults, identified as 17-year-old Christianna Knight and 18-year-old Ashuntiera’ Brown. 

Police continue to search for the shooter.  He’s been described as a skinny, black man with a dark complexion. 

Police are also searching for one of the main fight suspects, a female known as “Big Lexi”. 

If you have information about any of this situation, you’re asked to contact police.  The JCPD says it will have increased staffing for the 4th of July events, in hopes to deter any further planned retaliation.