JC man's federal trial underway in St. Louis for car bombing ex

Dean McBaine

The federal car bombing trial of a Jefferson City man continues today in St. Louis.

Dean McBaine, 31, is on trial for blowing up his ex-wife's car last September.

The prosecution alleges McBaine was angry with his ex because she'd received an order of protection against him for both her and their 13-year-old son. McBaine's ex had gotten the order of protection after McBaine became drunk at his home in Jefferson City and fired a gun in the house.  Their teenage son was present when the shot was fired.

McBaine allegedly later went to the woman's house in St. Louis, where he placed a homemade bomb made from sparklers and tiki torch fuel under her car.  The explosion destroyed the car and damaged several nearby homes.

McBaine's accomplice and half brother, Michael Bushman, has already pleaded guilty to his part in the explosion.

After McBaine's federal case wraps up, he'll still face state charges in both Jefferson City and St. Louis.