JC police officers won't be charged for fatal shooting last month

Jamie Williams is charged with 2nd degree murder, resisting arrest, driving with a revoked license, and possession of marijuana.  His next scheduled court appearance in June 29, 2020.

Two Jefferson City Police officers involved in a fatal shooting incident will not face charges.

The Jefferson City News Tribune reports Cole County Prosecutor Locke Thompson announced Wednesday that no criminal charges would be filed, saying the officer’s actions were lawful and appropriate under the circumstances.

It was April 15 when police attempted to stop a car believed to be involved in an earlier weapons offense.  But the driver refused to pull over and led officers on a chase around the city.  It ended when the pair ditched their vehicle on Jackson Street and took off on foot.

Investigators say that during the chase, one of the suspects, Anthony Wilson, 28, of Jefferson City, pulled a gun and began firing.  One of the officers was struck, while the other returned fire, resulting in Wilson’s death.

Wilson’s accomplice, Jamie Williams, 27, of Jefferson City, was captured later that same night.  He’s facing numerous charges, including second-degree murder.  Although Williams didn’t pull the trigger that killed Wilson, he’s charged with his murder because he was committing a felony when the death occurred.