Lawmakers hear testimony on vaccine mandates in special hearing today

Several organizations express their opposition to mandatory vaccines in a House Judiciary Committee today. 

A hearing was called during the legislature’s veto session after President Joe Biden proposed requiring large employers to adopt a COVID-19 mandate. 

Committee members heard testimony from assisted living and business representatives.  Jorgen Schlemeier with the Missouri Assisted Living Association says a vaccine mandate will further exacerbate the labor shortage.

“If you are a worker and you do not want to take the vaccine, a vaccine mandate simply takes that person’s, makes that person choose to go to another job, leaving the current employer without the proper labor.” 

Schlemeier says when that happens at nursing homes, senior citizens will be left without enough staff to care for them and no other real options.

“The senior that lives in that facility doesn’t have the luxury to say, ‘There’s just not enough employees here today, I think I’m going to go back home.  I think I’m going to move to another facility.’  It doesn’t work that way.”

Representatives from the Associated Industries of America and the Missouri Chamber of Commerce also testified, as did members of the public.