Legislative Black Caucus calls for renouncing of Dred Scott decision

A group of black legislators at the State Capitol outlines some of their priorities for this legislative session. One bill would make the birthday of the first black state representative a state holiday. Another would give back full citizenship rights to convicts found to be wrongfully imprisoned. And Legislative Black Caucus chairman Representative Steven Roberts of St. Louis wants the state to formally renounce the Missouri Supreme Court’s decision in the Dred Scott case of 1852.

 The Missouri Supreme Court made the first decision in the landmark case that declared slaves could not be U. S. citizens. Roberts says this legislation got through the House two years ago.

Roberts says members of the Black Caucus recently met with House leadership and members of Governor Parson’s staff to gauge support of some of the Black Caucus’ legislative priorities. Roberts says he hopes to see some of that legislation receive committee hearings as the session moves along.