Three measures introduced in the Missouri House are aimed at reducing Missouri's inmate population.

The Columbia Missourian reports the House Committee on Criminal Justice heard three proposals Thursday that sponsors claim could decrease the state's prisoner population, last clocked as the eighth highest in the nation.

One bill, in line with the Missouri Supreme Court's recent bail reform, would allow judges to tailor minimum sentencing requirements on a case-by-case basis, only applying to non-violent crimes.

Another proposal would allow early parole for inmates over the age of 65 serving time for non-violent, non-sexual offenses. Those eligible would also be required to have a record of good behavior.

The third bill would allow misdemeanor marijuana offenses to be erased if they occurred before November 2018 - when Missouri voters approved medical marijuana.

The Missourian reports the bill's sponsor says the intent is to expunge records of those who needed marijuana for medical reasons before it was passed.