Local health officials urge caution as Thanksgiving approaches

Local health officials are warning Missourians to use caution as they prepare to celebrate their first Thanksgiving in the midst of a pandemic.  Dr. Lorena Adams with SSM Health says she knows this holiday is something a lot of people are looking forward to and COVID-19 might not top the list of things they want to think about.   

“We’ve been doing this for eight months and people are tired.  Everyone has COVID fatigue, even if you don’t work in a hospital.  But this is not the time to let down our defenses.” 

Adams says it’s probably best to avoid the same traditions families have practiced in the path that include large gatherings in indoor spaces. 

“I’d like to encourage people to challenge themselves and try to create some new traditions.”

Adams says there are many ideas on sites like Pinterest on how to create virtual Thanksgiving traditions. 

She says if you will be visiting extended family, outdoor settings are best.  Indoor settings should be well-ventilated, possibly by opening windows or doors.  And wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and handwashing are more important than ever.