Local non-profit hosts event to celebrate sobriety

Landmark Recovery Center, a newly-formed non-profit in Jefferson City that helps those struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues, is hosting a special event to shed light on all aspects of overdoses. 

According to 2020 data, 179 people died from overdoses in central Missouri.  The center’s Office Coordinator Jerica Breedlove says the event will include testimonials from those who have experienced an overdose, as well as those impacted by this drug use.  She says numerous agencies and local organizations will be on hand to answer questions and direct attendees to services. 

Breedlove says one partner they’re especially excited about attending the event is Missouri Institute of Mental Health out of St. Louis who will share what they know about Narcan, a medicine that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose. 

“Training you how to use Narcan, how to administer it, how to spot signs of opioid use and potential overdose.  And so that is going to be a huge partner of ours to have their support.” 

The agency will also distribute Narcan to attendees to take home.

Breedlove says there will also be a special moment where those who have died locally from an overdose will be remembered.  If there’s someone you’d like to have added to that list, you can contact Breedlove at 573-635-3065.

“We are accepting submissions from now until the day of the event.  And we’ll actually take a time, take a moment to read these names out loud and have a moment to reflect on the impact that those people had and what they would have had if they’d continued to live.” 

The January 29th event is free and open to the public.  It starts at 1 p.m. and is expected to last about 1 ½ hours.