Man accused of trying to kill Boone County judge to be released from jail without bond

A man accused of conspiring to murder a Boone County judge and one other person, is set to be released from jail today.  Mehrdad Fotoohighiam is charged with conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, and tampering with a witness.  A judge has ordered that he be released without bond, but Fotoohighiam will have to wear a GPS device and stay under house arrest.  He has to surrender his passports, cannot possess any firearms and cannot discuss the case with anyone other than his attorney.

Fotoohighiam has been in the Boone County jail since 2015, where he was awaiting trial on arson charges.  He was accused of trying to hire a man to burn down a woman’s trailer home, but he was acquitted in 2019. 

Prosecutors say while he was in jail, Fotoohighiam offered to pay two fellow inmates to kill the judge in his case and another person with the same initials as his ex-wife. 

The victim in the arson case, Marcia Green, won $2.75 million in a personal injury lawsuit she filed against Fotoohighiam.  He was originally going to be released on a $350,000 bond, but when he posted the bond, Green’s lawyers won a garnishment from their client. 

Fotooghighiam is due back in court June 3.