Missouri Attorney General gets partial Supreme Court victory in lawsuit over vaccine mandates

Lawyer Scott Keller standing to argue on behalf of more than two dozen business groups seeking an immediate order from the Supreme Court to halt a Biden administration order to impose a vaccine-or-testing requirement on the nation’s large employers during the COVID-19 pandemic, at the Supreme Court in Washington, on Jan. 7, 2022.

Photo provided by Dana Verkouteren via Associated Press

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt gets a partial victory after the U.S. Supreme Court rules on vaccine mandates.

Schmitt, and several other states, filed a lawsuit to block two vaccine mandates from the Biden Administration.  One mandate was aimed at health care workers, the other at large companies.

Representatives from Schmitt’s office made their case before the high court last week.

On Thursday, the nation’s highest court upheld the vaccine mandate for health care workers, but rejected the mandate for large private employers.

A separate vaccine mandate for federal contractors was not take up by the Supreme Court.