Missouri Secretary of State proposes legislation to reduce voter fraud

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft releases a list of legislation he’d like to see enacted to eliminate voter fraud and keep elections secure.

Ashcroft has previously stated that Missouri does not have a problem with elections, but he wants to make sure the state is proactive as oppose to reactive.  He released his wish list of reforms as he concluded an investigation into two instances of voter fraud in St. Charles County.

One recommendation includes having a photo ID law in place for in-person voting and toughening up identification requirements for absentee voting.  Ashcroft is also in favor of using hand-marked paper ballots as opposed to electronic voting machines and to only use electronic equipment with no internet connectivity.

Also included on the list is legislation that would allow the secretary of state to audit election results and audit lists of registered voters, requiring election officials to maintain updated voter rolls or face a loss of funding. 

Ashcroft’s office is also suggesting that procedures be developed that will reduce the amount of handling of cast ballots and is in favor of eliminating of curing or fixing small mistakes on absentee ballots.  He is in favor of enabling physical cybersecurity measures at the local level, including penetration testing of vendor machines. 

Finally, Ashcroft hopes to eliminate election law or rules changes within 26 weeks of a presidential election and eliminate third-party compensation for those who solicit voter registrations.