Missouri Senate tables bill to forgive unemployment benefits after controversial amendment proposed

The Missouri Senate tables debate on a bill that would forgive unemployment overpayments.  The Senate version of the bill goes farther than the House version of the bill; it would forgive both federal and state overpayment of benefits and would go into effect immediately if signed by the Governor.

Debate grew with a proposed addition to the legislation that would use a sliding scale to possibly reduce the number of weeks people are eligible to receive unemployment benefits.  Currently, people can receive up to 20 weeks of unemployment, but the new amendment could shorten that to 12 weeks. 

Debate on the amendment continued until the entire bill was set aside around 7:00 p.m. 

It’s estimated that over 46,000 Missourians received unemployment benefits in error.  The House passed a bill to forgive the federal portion of the overpayments.  The Department of Labor has agreed to pause collections until getting guidance from the legislature.