MO state employees can borrow leave time if they meet requirements

Missouri state government employees are told they now have the option to “borrow” leave time.

The Jefferson City News Tribune reports the Office of Administration sent word to all state departmental employees on Monday, saying if they don’t have any accumulated sick leave, they can use borrowed leave.  When the employee returns to work, all of their accruing sick leave will go toward repaying any borrowed leave. 

If an employee wishes to not opt for borrowed leave, they can take annual leave, comp time, or leave without pay.

Borrowed leave is only available to those who are sick, waiting on COVID-19 test results, or have a household member who is sick.  However, there are provisions for those state employees staying home to care for children let out of school or caring for adults released from adult care facilities.

If you’re interested in borrowed time, but are unsure whether you qualify, you’re advised to contact your agency’s human resources staff.