MoDot says last week's winter weather means an early start to pothole season

Last week’s severe winter weather has caused another problem:  An early pothole season.  MoDot Area Engineer Bob Lynch says crews will be out for the next two months, filling the deepest potholes that they find. 

Lynch says if you can’t avoid a pothole, there are steps you can take to avoid damaging your car.

"We don’t want you to brake into the pothole, because that can cause damage.  Just hold the steering wheel firmly, do your best to maintain control of your vehicle as you go through it.  Also, make sure your tires are properly inflated.”

Lynch asks drivers to be on the lookout for work crews, and to slow down, put down their phones and move over when possible. 

Last year, MoDot filled over 760,000 pot holes at a cost of $18 million.