Newfound fault line complicates cleanup of Highway 54 at Lake

Photo courtesy of MoDOT Central Missouri District Facebook page.  

Mo-DOT geologists find new fault lines along an Osage Beach rock bluff, meaning clean-up efforts will continue to reduce a section of Highway-54 to one lane.

It was Sunday night when portions of the bluff, near the Case Road exit, collapsed onto the road.

Mo-DOT Central District Engineer Bob Lynch says geologists discovered, Monday, that this isn't going to be a quick fix.

"They discovered some additional fault lines that had occurred where the rock didn't come off but there was some additional cracking that they noticed; probably a section 15-20 feet longer to the west.  We're in the process of bringing down some equipment that will chip away that loosened material and clear the area up."

Lynch says it's unclear how long that process will take.

Two vehicles were struck by falling rock Sunday night, sending one man to the hospital with minor injuries.  Lynch says if your vehicle suffered damage as a result of the rock slide, you can visit their website to see whether the state will pick up your repair tab.

"We have a claims process that we ask people to go through with situations similar to this.  There's several different types of incidents that occur on roadways and they're welcome to file that process.  They just need to notify Mo-DOT of their concern and issues and we'll walk them through the claims process and then make a decision based on that."

To access the claims form, go to: