Office of Administration looking to overhaul state's IT system

Sarah Steelman

Missouri’s Office of Administration wants to do a massive overhaul of the state’ IT infrastructure to make the system more user friendly.  The House Subcommittee on Federal Stimulus Spending heard testimony the Office of Administration and the Department of Revenue, as well as IT partners yesterday.  OA Commissioner Sarah Steelman would like to use $83.5 million in federal stimulus funding to set up a brand new IT system. 

“This is just a huge opportunity for the state of Missouri to transform itself.” 

Steelman says the state’s IT team worked hard to set up systems when the state shut down at the start of the pandemic, but they learned something.

“They realized how much better state government could operate if it were more customer friendly.” 

The new system would feature a centralized portal which could allow citizens to access services from several state agencies from one place.  The state would also invest in cybersecurity and data storage.

After the initial overhaul cost is paid, the state would be looking at an annual cost of $36 million to keep it running.