One man arrested after hitting police officer with car, fleeing in Fulton

One man is arrested on numerous felony charges after hitting a police officer with a stolen and leading officers on a chase.

The Fulton Police Department says it was called to the 300 block of Westminster yesterday to help a case worker who was with a man who was threatening self-harm.  Police say the man, Charles McMasters, got into the case worker’s car.  The police used tasers to try and stop McMasters, but they weren’t effective.  McMasters allegedly put the car in gear, hitting and officer and the case worker.  Both were knocked to the ground and suffered moderate injuries.

Police say McMasters then sped off down Route F, leading police on a chase toward Columbia.  Spike strips disabled the car near Legion Drive and Route WW, just outside of Columbia.  

McMasters was arrested on charges of assault with a vehicle, assault on a law enforcement officer, tampering, resisting arrest, careless and imprudent driving, and property damage.