Partnership formed to help businesses get the COVID-19 vaccine to workers

The Missouri Hospital Association is teaming up with Missouri Chamber of Commerce to get information about the COVID-19 vaccine to workers.  The MHA says their goal is to make sure employers learn more about the vaccine process, including which workers are eligible for it.  MHA spokesman Dave Dillon says over two million people will become eligible for the vaccine Monday and they want to help.

Cut:  294-1  “We want to minimize the barriers to getting shots in arms.  And part of that is an education process about how the businesses or individual workers can find where the vaccine is, and find who can vaccinate and get them in the right place.  Or bring the vaccinations to them.”    

The state does plan to make the vaccine available to some employers, and Dillon says working with large businesses make a lot of sense, because they can get shots to hundreds, if not thousands, of people. But Dillon says they will help make the vaccination process understandable and efficient for businesses of all sizes.