Prescription Drug Monitoring Program moves forward at State Capitol

Missouri is one step closer to a prescription drug monitoring program…but critics continue to assail the legislation. The Missouri House earlier this week voted to back Representative Holly Rehder’s (RAIDERS) bill that sets up the monitoring program. Rehder says the new system won’t end the state’s problem with opioid addiction, but it’s a good first step.

Rehder says the PDMP isn't the silver bullet, but he says the aim of the program is to keep extra prescription drugs out of the hands of people before they start abusing them.

Some conservative Republicans argue the prescription drug monitoring program intrudes on people’s privacy. Others say the program hasn’t worked in other states, where addicts have switched from prescription drug abuse to street drugs like heroin. Justin Hill represents Lake St. Louis.


Rehder says the ultimate aim of her legislation is to stop people from abusing opioids in the first place. The bill passed the House on a 95-52 vote with many no votes coming from Republicans. The bill has now gone back to committee for further review. It needs one more affirmative vote on the House floor to move on to the state senate.