Roadside arsonist sought in Camden Co

Fire investigators are looking for an arsonist setting roadside fires in southwest Camden County.  

The first call came in around 6 p.m. last night from Highway 54 about a mile east of Roach.  Southwest Camden County Fire Division Chief Josh Kingston says the fires continued westward over the next 30 minutes.

"We believe that there were about four of them, starting at Carroll Cut Thru and Highway 54 and they extended down to State Highway 73."

The fires have caused no structural damage, just damage to the immediate areas where they were set.  

Kingston says the arsonist is likely a kid with nothing better to do.

"Studies have shown that it's typically teenagers that go out and set these type of things ... they're bored."

Kingston says at this time they don't have a suspect.  If you have information that could help this investigation, you're urged to call the Fire District Office or the Camden County Sheriff's Office.