School bus driver in Columbia loses job after video of the bus swerving on the road is posted online

A bus driver with Student Transportation of America (STA) loses their job, after a video showing the bus swerving all over the road in Columbia is posted online.  The video was taken and posted by Lizzandra Abshier, who says the bus almost hit her.  Abshier says she saw kids on the bus and grew concerned, and then saw the driver slumped in the seat.  You can see the videos Abshier shared with us by clicking on this story at

This all unfolded on a Columbia Public Schools route near Highway 63 on Tuesday. 

CPS Community Relations Director Michelle Baumstark said that they alerted STA about the video Tuesday evening and that STA took appropriate action.  

In an e-mail to KJLU, STA stated that the video footage shows that the driver failed to meet safety standards, and, as a result, was no longer with the company. 

Here is the complete statement from STA. 

The safety of the students we transport is our highest priority, and it has always been the policy of Student Transportation of America to adhere to the highest safety standards in each and every aspect of our operations. Yesterday’s video footage of one of our Columbia buses clearly showed that the driver failed to meet those standards.


As a result, this driver is no longer employed by STA. We regret this incident and will continue to reinforce our many “safety-first” protocols with all of our drivers, as commitment to safety is a condition of every driver’s continued employment with the company. We look forward to continuing our productive relationship with the Columbia Public Schools and the Columbia community.