Search for clues to missing woman moves to Columbia landfill

Megan Shultz

The search for a Columbia woman, missing for 13 years, progresses at the city's landfill.

Megan Shultz was reported missing by her husband, Keith Comfort, in the Fall of 2006.  Comfort just came forward last month, implicating himself in Shultz' death, saying he disposed of her body in a dumpster.

Since that time, the Columbia PD and City Utilities have worked to determine the feasibility of searching for Shultz' remains at the landfill. 

Columbia Police announced last Friday that they've been able to narrow a possible search area down to a four-acre plot.  Now police and city workers will start exploring that area, not to search for Shultz, but to look for evidence that this area is from the correct time period her body would have been dumped at the site.  Investigators say they'll be pouring over dated materials, such as newspapers and receipts. 

If police are able to connect the area with Shultz' disappearance, they'll then determine the feasibility of searching for further evidence.

As long as officers are searching the landfill, no drones will be allowed in the air zone via a FAA flight restriction.