Slow start reported at mass vaccination event in St. Louis

Damon Roberson grimaces as he receives a dose of vaccine during a mass vaccination event at The Dome of America's Center in St. Louis on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.  FEMA is helping organize the eight-week long event along with the Department of Defense.

Photo courtesy of St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Colter Peterson

The eight-week, federally-run mass vaccination event in St. Louis reports low numbers.

KMOV reports that during the first day on Wednesday, only a little more than 700 vaccines were administered.  FEMA officials report they’re prepared to administer 3,000 doses per day.

A FEMA spokesman says the low numbers might be attributed to confusion over signing up, since people are being directed to multiple sites to register.  But the agency says it hopes appointments pick up Friday when all tiers become eligible in Missouri. 

FEMA is hoping to administer more than 160,000 doses over the course of the event.  The site is one of 25 around the country selected by FEMA, based on CDC data that suggests a large number of people in the city don’t have regular access to healthcare.