Social experiment at Springfield Walmart could lead to additional charges

The Springfield man who sparked a scare at a Walmart last week may face additional charges.

It was last Thursday when Dmitriy Andreychenko, 20, entered the store wearing body armor, armed with a gun.  He claims he was just conducting a social experiment but has since been charged with making a terrorist threat.

Now The Springfield News-Leader reports an elderly woman was hit by an officer responding to the scare.  The News Leader reports 74-year-old Rosemary Melton pulled into the path of the responding officer.  

Melton's attorney says he's currently gathering facts to determine whether his client will press charges against the officer.  Melton's attorney says it's unclear at this time whether the officer had her lights and sirens on.

It's also possible additional charges could be filed against Andreychenko.

Melton was seriously injured in the crash, suffering a broken neck, crushed elbow, and broken hips.