The Missouri River is coming indoors for hundreds of Columbia Public School students

Photo courtesy of Missouri River Relief

Missouri River Relief is bringing the river indoors for students at Columbia Public schools.  Tradiontally, fourth graders would take a field trip to the river to learn about the fish that live there.  But Education Director Kristen Schulte says that can’t happen this year due to the pandemic. 

So Missouri River Relief is putting together two virtual, interactive presentations where they’ll teach the kids the same lessons they’d normally learn in person.

Schulte says over 60 teachers have signed up for the lessons.  And while the virtual option is great, Schulte says they hope to get back to “normal” some day.

“We have all come to realize how important it is that we take our students out into the community and treat places like the Missouri River as a classroom.” 

The first lesson will be available to teachers next week and the second comes out the week of April 26. 

Some of the questions that will be answered are:  Are there sharks in the Missouri River?  And can some fish really fly?  The lessons examine how fish survive in the river and invasive species.    

Schulte says two additional pre-recorded presentations will be made available to teachers who want their students to learn even more about the river.