Three Sedalia residents are arrested after they’re linked to a large-scale burglary investigation at various construction sites.

The Pettis County Sheriff’s Office reports it was contacted Wednesday, March 8 by a local contractor.  The caller reported a couple of their employees had just observed a suspect vehicle and followed it, leading them to a home on S. Limit.  It was there the employees spotted two of the three suspects actively sorting through a trailer filled with stolen goods.  Some of the items were positively identified as being stolen from the contractor’s site. 

Those arrested include Guy Fehr, Jr., 41, and roommates Wesley Franken, 32, and Nichole Paxton, 39, all of Sedalia.  At this time, all three have been charged with one count of stealing but more charges are expected.  Paxton is also charged for a stealing incident in February. 

Anders says evidence found during this investigation clears six additional burglaries reported in the area.  Because of the relatively large number of victims and evidence, Anders says it could be a while before more charges are decided. 

Sheriff Brad Anders announced Friday that the majority of thefts and burglaries happened over the past weekend at construction sites located southwest of Sedalia.  The victims suffered significant property damage and loss of various items, including copper piping and electrical wires.