Woman tries to mail opioids into the Boone County Jail

Boone County investigators say Matyia Tucker attempted to mail a Boone County Jail inmate two strips of Suboxone. 

The opioid is often prescribed to heroin addicts to help them transition off drugs without withdrawals.  Non addicts use the strips to get high.  Users place the strips under their tongues to dissolve. 

A Columbia woman will have her first court appearance today after trying to smuggle drugs into the Boone County Jail. 

Matyia Tucker, 24, was charged on Monday with delivery of a controlled substance.  She’s being held on a $200,000 cash-only bond.  She’s scheduled for her initial arraignment this afternoon.

According to court records, Tucker attempted to mail two strips of an opioid-replacement therapy to a person in custody.  After intercepting the drug, deputies listened to jail phone recordings, hearing Tucker and an inmate discuss their plans to smuggle drugs into the county jail.